We have been working for the last year with a large printers in Southend-on-Sea called “Urban Design & Print” to create a new website and combined internal booking system to streamline the in-house processes.

This is an ongoing project for us which includes some custom templating so user can design online and book within all one system.

We are using a combination of Magento website software and FileMaker Pro. So when someone orders a product from the website it will automatically populate an internal filemaker database and print out the order with all the details to process through the company.

 Along side that we have built a number of custom sites for some of their customers to come onto the site, select a business card template and enter the details required, Proof then approve this design which will again produce an order on the internal system ready to process.

For more details or a demonstration please get in touch.

Email: Steve.daines@simplymac.co.uk

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